Diamond Painting

Conceived in 2015 as an amalgamated, modified form of cross-stitch and Paint-by-Numbers, Diamond Painting is the hot new trend in the crafts world. Other names used for diamond painting are diamond art, paint with diamonds, mosaic diamond painting and rhinestone painting. Using tiny, 5D surfaced “diamonds” of every imaginable color, you can create stunning art by applying the said “diamonds” to an adhesive canvas that comes with the kit. With its “pick-and-stick” method, diamond art is the crafts escape that every person’s inner artist, regardless of their age, has been trying to find.

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How to start Painting with Diamonds

One of the best things about diamond painting is, how it requires minimal effort to create stunning art that you can display in your home or office. With a few tools, you are able to create mosaic art that you wouldn’t imagine creating otherwise, all the while having fun.

Identifying the Components:

Each 5D Diamond Art kit includes following:

1. Colored diamonds
2. A Wax Pad.
3. Tweezers for picking and applying the diamonds.
4. A Diamond Painting Pen.
5. A grooved tray to help keep your colored diamonds sorted.
6. A canvas that will hold your final and finished piece, ready to be shown off to the world.

Prepping the Surface:

1. Start off by unfurling your canvas and spreading it out. Use some heavy books (spread out the canvas and put the books on the canvas for 8 hours) or tape down the corners of the canvas to keep it from curling into its rolled position.Carefully open up a packet of “diamonds” and put some in the grooved tray.
2. Shake the tray a bit so that the diamonds stay faced upwards, and hence are easier to pick up.
3. Peel off the protective sheet on the wax pad and carefully apply some wax (comes with the kit) on the tip of the diamond Art pen.
4. Once you have got everything in place, you’re ready to start!

Making your diamond art:

  • Peel off a small portion of the protective film on the adhesive canvas. It is recommended peel off from the left side of the canvas if you are right handed, or vice versa, to avoid getting the adhesive on hands.
  • Using your diamond pen, pick up the diamonds from the grooved tray.
  • Using the color-coded table on the side of the canvas, carefully place the relevant colored diamond on the canvas. Each color of the diamond corresponds to a certain symbol/ relevant color on the canvas. This way, you will have a direction as to how your art is to be.
  • Complete your art, seal it and frame it!

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Dandelion Flower - Paint With Diamonds

$13.99 USD$70.99 USD
Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4Painting 5

Colorful Trees - 5D Art Kits

$11.99 USD$109.99 USD
Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4Painting 5

Nebula - Colorful DIY Diamond Painting

$14.99 USD$74.99 USD
Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4Painting 5Painting 6Painting 7

Variety of Flowers Collection DIY Painting

$11.99 USD$109.99 USD
Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4Painting 5

Lovely Landscapes DIY Diamond Paintings

$14.99 USD$74.99 USD
Painting 1Painting 2Painting 3Painting 4Painting 5Painting 6

Diamond Art is Healthy & Relaxing Hobby

  • Super easy and fun to use!
  • Helps increase concentration and relieve stress!
  • A crafts activity suited for both children and adults!
  • Keeps you busy and productive!
  • Helps you be the artist of your dreams!
  • Pretty mosaic art hanging in your house, office or bedroom!