How does the shipping process work?

We ship Diamond Paintings through various carriers in different countries. Once your package passes through customs, then your order will be delivered to you through your country’s local carrier. After passing the customs your order’s delivery time depends on your country’s and local carrier situation and services.

Sizes bigger than 30x40cm are Box packed. Sizes bigger than 70x70cm cannot b shipped rolled under standard shipping so they are shipped folded & well packed. Bigger sizes can be shipped rolled only through paid special shipping.

What is the procedure to cancel the order?

In order to cancel your order, you have to do it within the 12 hours after the order is placed. When the processing for the order starts, then the order cannot be cancelled. For order cancellation you can contact us.

Why my order tracking is not updating?

If your tracking status hasn’t been updated for few days. Don’t fret as it is quite normal for the tracking status to stuck while moving between distribution centers. Once the order provisioned to the next stage the tracking status will be updated.

What if I received damaged product?

If you receive a damaged product or the product you received is not what you paid for then you don’t have to be worried at all. The process for this is quite simple, all you have to do is, contact with our Customer Support and explain your issue along with the photos of the received product. Your request will be reviewed and forwarded to the concerned department in 24 – 48 hours. Your replacement kit will be dispatched with highest priority.

How can I order custom painting?

You can order your custom painting from Custom Diamond Painting.

What is the Estimated delivery time?

Normally the packages are delivered in 15-30 business days. However, if your tracking code doesn’t start working in 3 – 5 Business Days after receiving your shipping confirmation email, then you should contact our Customer Care Department to get your issue resolved. For further information you can also check our Shipping policy.

Why do I have multiple tracking numbers?

Different items are shipped through our multiple partners from different places. For this reason, you may get multiple tracking number for multiple packages of your order.

How can I track my order?

The packages are shipped through multiple carriers and can be tracked on various tracking sites. However, you can use 17track for tracking your order.

Why some items are missing in my package?

The orders placed on our store, are shipped from different partners from different locations. For this reason, some items may arrive before the others.