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How to seal a Diamond Painting?

Once you have completed your diamond painting, the first thing that comes to mind is how to keep your beautiful piece of art protected. No one would want to have their hours of hard work, concentration and precision go down the drain in a blink of an eye. To avoid any such happenstance, look no further! For we have got the trick to protect your diamond painting by sealing your beautifully finished canvas.

You seal a diamond painting to keep it safe and as new as it is. To seal a diamond painting, you will be needing the following things:

  • A sealant such as a Sealer Glue or Finish (Gloss Mod Podge, resin or even clear nail polish can be used if nothing is available). The type of sealant you use depends upon you, but the condition is that the sealant remains glossy and transparent after completely drying.
  • A roller
  • A small paintbrush or a cloth to clean the completed canvas
  • A pair of tweezers to pick out stray hair or lint

Now that you have the tools to start with, begin your sealing process as follows:

  1. Start by pressing down gently with a roller to make sure that all the diamonds are pressed firmly onto the canvas.
  2. If any diamond is misplaced, make sure to fix it back onto the adhesive canvas.
  3. Pick out any stray hair or lint with the help of a tweezer.
  4. Gently brush off dust or particles from the canvas using a small paintbrush.
  5. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean off any residual wax or adhesive that covers a diamond to make sure the canvas is completely clean.
  6. Using a separate, bigger paintbrush, cover the finished canvas with a layer of your preferred sealant.
  7. If the sealant is in a spray bottle, use short bursts of spray to cover the entire painting.
  8. Let the canvas dry completely before setting it up for display.

Sealing the Diamond Painting

NOTE: If the diamond painting kit is a partial drill kit, do not cover the high-definition printed image with the sealant. Only use the sealant on portions with the diamonds.

After sealing the painting, you can put it up in a frame for display! Here is a link to help you with the framing process.

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