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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


We wanted to bring such an activity in the range of our consumers which not only helps them to spend their time but they also spend their time in a productive manner. We wanted to bring a new trend in the world of art in a better way. So, our team looked into the sensational trend of diamond art and started working on it.

We believe in the saying “A thing of beauty is joy forever” so Diamond Painting Art wants to bring joy in your life by helping you in making beautiful and fascinating pieces of art step by step with the help of this new amazing technique called diamond painting.


Starting off with the process of facilitating artists with our products we vowed to never compromise on the quality of our products.

We try to manufacture our paintings using the best material and colors.

Coming to our art kits we try to fill them up with all of the stuff your inner artist needs as we believe that in every dull or vivid soul lies a hidden artist which just needs to be provoked with a beautiful canvas and bright colors. Beautiful crystals waiting to be ensembled on the canvas. We try to bring maximum designs on board with varying levels of complexity so that the beginners and the experts both can be engaged in this productive activity of art and craft.

We have large collection of paintings including abstract art, multiple colors, birds, animals and so much more. It is so satisfying to bring such an activity for the people which not only helps in increasing their concentration power but also gives them a soothing break from the hustle of techy world. team is working really hard to satisfy the needs of our creative customers.


With the creative and artsy approach of our team we continuously work on new designs and patterns to bring on table for our dear consumers. While designing we keep in mind the color schemes and patterns which will help our consumers in some way ,most importantly in relieving stress as its one of the major issues around the world.

Our company also offers madala designs, their unique and intricate patterns have been reported to be a big stress reliever. Our efforts are not only limited to making painting designs we also create complete diamond art kits and instruments. We are continuously working for providing our consumers best quality products with efficient home delivery service.


Looking into the interests of people we found out that art is one of the few things which inspires people and relaxes their mind. Moreover with a growth of creative world people are taking more and more interest into DIYs and crafts. 

We revolutionized the world of diamond painting with our interesting designs and latest diamond painting kits. We will keep on adding more designs and instruments on our website for our consumers to help them in spending their time while creating their own masterpieces.