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Ship in Ocean at Night

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Since its conception, diamond painting has been winning hearts and garnering attention of audience of all ages worldwide because of its amazing methodical process and magical results. It is never too late for you to join in this crafts project, and we are here to help you choose from our vast collections of mesmerizing canvases. If you want a PHOTO to DIAMOND Painting, you can choose any photo and order a custom diamond painting at a lower price than normal kits. Each of our diamond painting kit offers the following:

Components of a Kit:

  • A wide variety of high-quality canvas with the print of a beautiful image
  • Shiny, eco-friendly diamonds in different colors
  • A grooved tray to keep your diamonds sorted
  • A diamond painting pen
  • A wax pad

Perks of Diamond Art:

  • All of our kits are Full Drill Paintings except special shaped kits.
  • The choice to have round diamond drills or square diamond drills.
  • Free replacement of diamonds in case you have lost some.
  • Various sizes of canvas that you can choose from.

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20x25cm, 25x30cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 45x60cm, 60x80cm, 80x100cm, 90x120cm


Square diamond drill, Round diamond drill

Customer Reviews

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I bought two of these...round for my mom and square for me. The colors are so off that this beautiful picture is completely horrible as a diamond painting. It is heartbreaking! I have bought several from this company and another one I did super ugly. The picture was a black and white owl, but the diamond painting was brown and ugly!!! I won't buy from this company again!!!